The Big Positive Behind Detox and Cleansing

Detox and cleansing are often used interchangeably in the sphere of wellness and health. A quick online search yields an overwhelming amount of content, making it more difficult to tell the difference between the two. So, what is the difference between the two?

Toxins and Detox
The main goal of detoxification is to help the body get rid of toxins. Dr. Don Smith, a professor at UC Santa Cruz, characterizes these poisons in their school’s Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology page as those which “cause or contribute to the development of human diseases.”

At present, there are more than 600 identified toxins and this list grows longer each year. Some of the most commonly known poisons include mercury, lead, BPA (bisphenol A), and parabens. Toxins tend to accumulate in the body and when they do, you can experience the following symptoms:

-Short-term memory loss

Our bodies naturally detoxify through our liver and kidney. That’s why most detoxifying programs and aids, like supplements and shakes, aim to keep these organs healthy and help them carry-out their tasks.

If detoxification helps the liver and kidneys remove toxins, a cleanse helps the body’s digestive tract or gut get rid of harmful substances in our bodies – including toxins, undigested food, and even parasites. Like detox, there are numerous supplements and diet systems sold to help purify the body. An interesting but popular cleansing method involves ingesting a mix made of psyllium husk and bentonite clay. Another popular cleansing method is colon flushing.

The Big Difference
The biggest difference between a cleanse and detox is the length of time involved. A cleanse is abrupt, drastic, and usually lasts for a few days only. You cut out some items from your diet like dairy, meat, processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Once your gut is clean, you can reintegrate all the food items cut-off from your diet slowly.
Detoxification also involves a similarly short period of drastic diet change but in the long-run you are expected to commit to a lifestyle change. You switch your latte for green tea or plain black coffee. You switch processed foods for organic. You cut out refined sugar and reduce sodium intake. You pretty much remove everything that taxes your liver and kidney and add those which help keep them healthy.

The Big Positive
You might probably wonder why some bother with a detox or cleanse if they’re that difficult. The answer is both are effective and established means to restore balance to your health. If you look at the diseases we have right now, most arise because the body has an imbalance of something – it produces too little or too much of a hormone, it lacks a clotting agent or dead cells are not eliminated as intended and in fact, starts multiplying. A detox and cleanse cannot prevent or treat diseases as is, but if we integrate them into our lifestyle, they help strengthen our internal system and gives our bodies a better fighting chance.

Are men allowed to wear SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks?

Women have an almost illicit affair with shopping. They turn to shopping when we feel happy, sad, bored, or listless. Sometimes it’s not even about the purchase but the journey that led to the purchase. How they browsed through countless online stores and boutiques to finally find the perfect nude pumps or little black dress. Or what about the countless swatches and reviews they watched on YouTube before taking the plunge and buying Rhianna’s new foundation?

The same can’t be said for men. When they’re buying a new laptop or phone, sure they do their research on and offline. Power tools or cars? That conversation can dominate Sunday barbeques. But shopping? They’re in and out of the mall faster than the Navy Seals on a covert mission in hostile territory.

However, men can surprise everyone – including themselves – occasionally. For example, men are more interested in skincare than they like to let on. They want a pimple free and shine free skin too. Another example is desserts and other sweet treats. Make no mistake, women aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth!

A more recent surprise is when it comes to fashion, men have become more open to wearing clothing associated with women. More and more men are wearing pink and floral patterns. How about skinny jeans? If you look around, the more fashionable men are all wearing skinny jeans or tapered trousers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would also consider wearing compression socks by Sockslane which come in different designs and colors. Can men wear Sockslane Cotton Compression Socks? The answer is a big YES!

Sockslane markets its products for women who would benefit most from improved circulation at work, travel or play. Not only do our socks help with your blood flow, they are comfortable and do not cause any rash or skin disorder no matter how long you wear them. This is made possible by our proprietary cotton blend. Unlike other brands which use synthetic fibers, our cotton compression socks are gentle on the skin and don’t react with your natural body chemistry or sweat. If men want in on all these benefits, they are most welcome!

The only thing men must keep an eye on is proper measurement, just like women. If their foot size is 8.5-9.5”, ankles are 7.5-10”, and calves are 10.5-13.5”, they need the small to medium size. If their foot size is 9.5-10”, ankles are 10-12”, and calves 13.5-17”, they need the medium to large size. This ensures that the wearer gets the right amount of compression they need while avoiding getting a pair that’s too restrictive, to the point that they do more harm than good. After getting the size right, all that’s left is matching the colors and design with your outfit of the day.

We live in an age of diversity and inclusion, blurring racial and gender boundaries. This means that while men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it doesn’t mean they can’t both enjoy Sockslane cotton compression socks.

The 5 Golden Rules of Makeup for Women over 40

Yves Saint-Laurent once said, “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” His practical, albeit humorous, approach to beauty and maquillage is something everyone can learn from.

Back in our 20s and 30s, wearing makeup was a nonquestion – we just had to, right? As Cindy Joseph confides in her A Realistic Approach to Beauty: 5 Tips for Women Over 50 article “women are motivated by fear of becoming less attractive when it comes to their looks”.

This may not be 100% true for every woman but if we are honest with ourselves, you have to admit it stings when others make us feel unattractive or undesirable.

The rules on wearing rouge are murkier for quadragenarians. Some say you wear too little, some too much. It doesn’t help that at this age cosmetics companies begin to ignore you. Hallie Gould, Senior Editor of Byrdie, finds the marginalization of women over 40 by cosmetics companies shocking and counterintuitive. (8 Beauty Tips From a Makeup Artist Who Works With Women Over 40) So what can a quadragenarian woman do? Prove cosmetic companies and trolls wrong!

Admittedly we can’t wear makeup the way we used to and what worked for us then may not work for us now. So let’s bring your cosmetics know-how up to speed with these “5 golden rules” every woman over 40 should know:

  1. Have good skin. Clean, tone, moisturize and wear sunblock – this is non-negotiable. Good skin is the best foundation, all others we add on our face are icing on the cake.
  2. Use a primer. Some primers are silicone-based while others are not. Choose which works for you best and doesn’t cause any allergies. Primers are the great equalizers, they blur large pores and other imperfections while extending the wear of your foundation.
  3. Have a brow-mance. Your eyes may be the window to your soul but your eyebrows are the arcs that frame your face. Make sure your brows are well-groomed. Resist the urge to over tweeze because studies show that fuller brows look more youthful. At our age we can still get away with just red lipstick – if we groom, shape and fill-in our brows properly.
  4. Avoid metallic and glitter eyeshadows. Metallic eyeshadows look pretty but doesn’t translate well on crepey eyelids which we, unfortunately, are blessed with by this age.
  5. Avoid metallic and glitter lipsticks. They look stunning on models in runways and editorial spreads but like metallic eyeshadows, these lipsticks highlight every line and crack in our lips.

There’s a sixth bonus golden rule: Have fun! You read that right, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colors and whatnot. This means you can go crazy with whatever colors are on trend. Wear hot pink or fire engine red lips if it makes you feel good– as long as they’re not metallic or loaded with glitters. The colors you can wear can depend on your skin tone, personal style, present mood and what’s on sale at Sephora!

Makeup should be fun for everyone, including women over 40. There are a few restrictions but in general, we have as much leeway as younger women. We have given birth, have shattered the glass ceiling and made some tough decisions to get where we are – we should have the confidence to let ourselves use and enjoy makeup.