7 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas for Your Home


Let’s Make Halloween a Blast!

Halloween is a great season and many people’s favorite for an excellent reason. It’s always been intriguing, with lore that stretches back centuries, and with lots of fascinating imagery and iconography that make for great atmosphere and decorating opportunities for homes and neighborhoods.

While it’s faced some opposition from the more traditional parts of society, Halloween has endured to be one of the most visually enjoyable holidays. Not to mention one of the most fun — from trick-or-treating to decorating, Halloween has something for every member of the family and even the surrounding community.

Here are seven cool ideas for decorating your home for All Hallow’s Eve.

Pinatas, in general, are always fun, and an exciting way to decorate for an already candy-heavy holiday. It’s entirely up to you to figure out how to integrate things into your Halloween setup, but these would be very popular at parties — especially those with lots of kids over to take a swing at the ghost!

Start by assembling an ordinary paper lantern, which you can buy at most craft stores. This will be the body of the ghost. Well, the overall shape, since ghosts don’t have bodies. Then you can cover the hole at the bottom with a piece of card, tapes securely into place to prevent candy from falling out. Then, measure a crepe paper skirt by wrapping a single sheet around the lantern with a bit of overlap at the edges. Then cut 1″ wide crepe paper strips, and trim them to create a fringe (you can use fringing scissors for this). Fringe the bottom of the skirt as well, and start gluing the fringed strips down onto the skirt to create layers. After the whole layered skirt is done, cut wavy shapes out of the bottom. Make enough fringed strips to reach to the top of the lantern, which you will then fill with candy before sealing the top hole. Cut out roundish jellybean shapes for the eyes and mouth, and you’re all set.


   Decorating lanterns and stringing them up along the eaves or the tops of walls is a great way to draw the eye for a party while lighting the place up handsomely. You can get a string of paper lanterns from a craft store (or make your own with smaller-sized paper lanterns), and decorate each with cute faces cut out of black paper and some felt-tipped pen drawings. Orange lanterns and Jack O’Lantern face shapes? White lanterns and skull features? Yellow lanterns as vampire     Pac-Man?


This may be more for a themed party, but it lends a neat little Addams Family twist to your layout. Pick up a few fake potted plants — perfectly plastic, these — and hit them with a can of black spray paint. Load up the pots with black sand (and scatter some around the pots too), and you’ve turned a symbol of life into something genuinely Halloween creepy.


Sure, you could carve a traditional pumpkin, but layering the interior and top with some spiky succulents really gives the Jack O’Lantern a rustic desert vibe. Plus, you can move the succulents out into a more everyday-friendly pot for the rest of the year.

Start with a fake pumpkin or a carvable craft pumpkin. Cut a hole in the top, following the shape of the pumpkin’s curves. Then drill a few holes in the bottom for water to drain through. You can now either fill the pumpkin with soil or store a soil-filled pot inside it. You can then plant your succulents — perhaps start with a Crassula ovata gollum, and layer in the smaller varied ones like a Pachyphytum or Graptoveria.


Alot of ideas tend to revolve around the classic pumpkin, but did you ever consider it might be a great punch bowl base? You can capitalize on the unique flavor created by a blend of pumpkin and cider for a really unique seasonal refreshment. Hollow out a giant pumpkin (we’re sure Good Eats can tell you what you can make out of the contents) and fill it with cider. A large ladle and some ice will complete the ensemble — and leave you with one less bowl to wash.


Spiders are Halloween staples, and so are pumpkins — so mash them up! Not literally, of course. You can scoop out a mini-pumpkin and put a tea light inside (they make electronic ones, but you may opt to use an actual candle). Then stick some pipe cleaners around the pumpkin to make the fuzzy spider legs. Make two or three of these, and they’d be great for arranging in a crawling row.


Some of us just don’t find ourselves handy with a blade. So don’t use one. You can actually dress up some hefty-sized pumpkins with a few accessories (oversized novelty glasses, a fedora or other type of hat, a necktie, a bow) and some felt paper cut up into shapes (a mouth, a fancy handlebar mustache, and so on. Just glue them on with a glue gun, and you can end Halloween with a clean old pumpkin just ready to carve and cook.


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