Are men allowed to wear SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks?

Women have an almost illicit affair with shopping. They turn to shopping when we feel happy, sad, bored, or listless. Sometimes it’s not even about the purchase but the journey that led to the purchase. How they browsed through countless online stores and boutiques to finally find the perfect nude pumps or little black dress. Or what about the countless swatches and reviews they watched on YouTube before taking the plunge and buying Rhianna’s new foundation?

The same can’t be said for men. When they’re buying a new laptop or phone, sure they do their research on and offline. Power tools or cars? That conversation can dominate Sunday barbeques. But shopping? They’re in and out of the mall faster than the Navy Seals on a covert mission in hostile territory.

However, men can surprise everyone – including themselves – occasionally. For example, men are more interested in skincare than they like to let on. They want a pimple free and shine free skin too. Another example is desserts and other sweet treats. Make no mistake, women aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth!

A more recent surprise is when it comes to fashion, men have become more open to wearing clothing associated with women. More and more men are wearing pink and floral patterns. How about skinny jeans? If you look around, the more fashionable men are all wearing skinny jeans or tapered trousers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would also consider wearing compression socks by Sockslane which come in different designs and colors. Can men wear Sockslane Cotton Compression Socks? The answer is a big YES!

Sockslane markets its products for women who would benefit most from improved circulation at work, travel or play. Not only do our socks help with your blood flow, they are comfortable and do not cause any rash or skin disorder no matter how long you wear them. This is made possible by our proprietary cotton blend. Unlike other brands which use synthetic fibers, our cotton compression socks are gentle on the skin and don’t react with your natural body chemistry or sweat. If men want in on all these benefits, they are most welcome!

The only thing men must keep an eye on is proper measurement, just like women. If their foot size is 8.5-9.5”, ankles are 7.5-10”, and calves are 10.5-13.5”, they need the small to medium size. If their foot size is 9.5-10”, ankles are 10-12”, and calves 13.5-17”, they need the medium to large size. This ensures that the wearer gets the right amount of compression they need while avoiding getting a pair that’s too restrictive, to the point that they do more harm than good. After getting the size right, all that’s left is matching the colors and design with your outfit of the day.

We live in an age of diversity and inclusion, blurring racial and gender boundaries. This means that while men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it doesn’t mean they can’t both enjoy Sockslane cotton compression socks.

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